Bangkok Screen is extremely service orientated, this being our company’s main vision.
We consider our customers as being the most important part of our company and so we work with each one individually.
Please see below the services that we offer:
  • Information Service
  • Testing Service
  • Technical Consultant Service
We continue to survey our customer’s satisfaction, and provide feedback to ensure a positive working relationship.
Information Service
We have a customer’s service team who can answer all your questions about product information, the status of production and so forth…
Laboratory Service
Our R&D team consistently create the most innovative and state of the art heat transfers available. They are responsible for the constant research, testing and non-stop development of chemicals for production.
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Working alongside our Sourcing team, they develop products to match the ever-changing trends in fashion.
Technical Consultant Service
Our Technical Consultants provide on-site support and advice to all of our customer.
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